(Women Against Violence Everywhere)

The WAVE™ women’s self-defense program is a comprehensive program that deals with real life scenarios and situations. The program teaches participants the proper way to deal with threatening and dangerous situations that may arise at any given time of day or night, both inside and outside the home or work.

It is a no frills class that teaches practical techniques that have been proven effective.Techniques will include escape and defense from the many types of attacks a woman may be faced with. Participants will be taught the correct way to use the weapons they possess, i.e. hands, feet, knees, & elbows.

A portion of the class will allow participants to practice in a controlled but realistic setting when they get to defend against an attacker dressed in the Red Man Suit™.

The Red Man Suit™ is a fully padded Tactical suit that helps protect the attacker as well as the students from injury, but allows the student to use full contact force that helps them realize and feel their full potential of power they possess. This in turn gives them an amazing sense of Empowerment and Confidence, two of the most important tools a woman needs to be able to defend herself successfully.

A small portion of the techniques for the WAVE™ Program are borrowed from the R.A.D. (Rape Aggressive Defense) program in which Mr. Violante is a certified instructor. The techniques have been tweaked and improved by Master Dominick so they can be easily learned while still remain practical and effective.

Other parts of the program are techniques that Master Dominick has designed. They help the participants realize the incredible power that we all possess. It also helps the participants to develop the sense of Empowerment and Confidence needed in today's world to help one become more aware of their surroundings.

This program has been taught by Master Dominick and his staff of certified and highly trained Male and Female Black Belt instructors throughout New England, New York, and Pennsylvania, with literally thousands of women participating over the past 25 years.

The WAVE™ Program can be tailored to meet specific needs for different groups and has been designed to be taught at different lengths of time, with a slightly different curriculum being taught in each one.

The WAVE™ women's self-defense program was founded and designed by Dominick Violante, 8th degree Black Belt and Public Safety Officer registered in the state of CT.

Bio: Mr. Violante has been studying and teaching the martial arts for 36+ years and has been involved in Law Enforcement/Public Safety for over 25 years.

Dominick was an instructor for the Mass. Criminal Justice Bureau and taught state, local and reserve police officers in Massachusetts, and is still involved in teaching officers in New England and New York. He has taught SWAT teams in CT and MA in weapon (Gun & Knife) disarm and defense.

Dominick has also designed a program called “The Dangers of Going to College”, which is a program presented to Junior & Senior high school girls in which specific dangers and threats are brought to the attention of the students. They are then taught techniques and awareness tips on how to defend or avoid the situations. Such topics include date rape, acquaintance rape, domestic violence, binge drinking and drug abuse, along with a discussion about date rape drugs. The girls also participate in hands on self-defense techniques.

***This program was recognized by the Mass. Board of Education as most innovative new program and was presented to more than a dozen high schools.

Dominick is a certified instructor through O.C.A.T. (Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training), and will teach the proper technique of use and carry. You will also learn the different effects Pepper Spray has on an individual.

Pepper Spray is a weapon and should be treated as one, without instruction and practice on its use; one will not be proficient with it and would fail if needed in a dangerous situation. Too many women I speak with tell me they have Pepper Spray, and say it is somewhere in their purse, but have never practiced with it and in some cases have never even taken its cover off. That type of possession will only build a false sense of security. This class would also include a Pepper Spray canister for all participants to keep.

For more information or to schedule a WAVE™ Program please contact Dominick Violante via email at: dviolante@sbcglobal.net or cell phone 860-830-0822. Dominick and his wife Jeanene are the owners of: Avon Kempo & Aikido Academy, located at 166 Albany Tpke. (Rt. 44) Canton Green Plaza, Canton, CT 06109, 860-693-6122